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We are so excited to share with you our Michigan Fraternal Order of Police BenefitBar. It will serve as both a communication and fundraising tool. It is the same size and shape and the same location on your computer as a toolbar. This will not replace your existing toolbar, they stay where they are on your computer, and this will appear just below them. The features on the BenefitBar are all designed to help us communicate better with you in a non-intrusive way. Also it is designed to make your life on the internet easier. THERE IS NO COST TO YOU. It is easy to download… just click on the link below and follow instructions. Just by downloading the BenefitBar a donation to the Michigan Fraternal Order of Police will be made by the corporate sponsors.

By downloading the Michigan Fraternal Order of Police BenefitBar, you will help raise dollars for the F.O.P. State Lodge of Michigan and get current information in an entertaining and efficient way.

We are proud to have you as a supporter of the Fraternal Order of Police. We hope you are proud to have the Michigan Fraternal Order of Police BenefitBar on your computer. Please feel free to share this Michigan Fraternal Order of Police BenefitBar with your friends so they can have the same benefits as you.

A sample of benefits you receive by having the Michigan Fraternal Order of Police BenfitBar are:

• Yahoo search engine; by using the Yahoo! Search engine that is conveniently located directly on the Michigan Fraternal Order of Police BenefitBar just to the right of our logo, you are raising dollars for the F.O.P. State Lodge of Michigan. The same search information you receive using whatever search engine you use today, but now you help raise money for F.O.P. State Lodge of Michigan, at no cost to you.

• No spyware or adware on our BenefitBar
• Important dates reminder/calendar
• Discounts on goods and services
• Updates on new people, members and personnel
• Quote of the day
• Tip of the day
• Joke-recopies-inspirational messages
• Current event updates

There is no cost to our organization or to you; this is truly a win-win for everyone!!


Click this link Download - MI Fraternal Order of Police Benefitbar Toolbar

From the drop-down menu select "MI Fraternal Order of Police"
Click "Continue"

Type in your E-mail Address and your Zip Code (optional)
Check the box next to "I accept these terms"

Select "Internet Explorer" or "Mozilla Firefox"
Click "Download Now!"

Follow the rest of the on-screen instructions and thank you again for your support.